IT Projects

Famils Information Management System (Cook Islands Tourism)

September 2015

Implemented Famils Information Management System to track and report on Cook Islands Tourism's Famils programme including the creation, management and distribution of itineraries.

Asset Management System (Cook Islands Tourism)

August 2015

Implemented a simple online asset management system database to enable Cook Islands Tourism staff to track marketing material across its various offices around the world.

Digest (USP Research Project)

June 2015

Integrated Statistics System as part of Masters of Information Systems Project to pull in and digitize Cook Islands Statisitcs

Welfare Management Information Systems (ADB)

March 2015

A very challenging project to implement due to 40 day timeframe. The project involved re-engineering business processes + documentation, training/ workshops with staff and the design, development and implementation of a centralized welfare information management system within the Ministry of Internal Affairs Welfare Division.

Cook Islands Gender Project (AusAid)

November 2014

Information Systems consultant for the gender project focusing on the design, development and implementation of a centralized data warehouse housed within the Cook Islands Statistics Office and an open data protal. The role involves streamlining the collection, storage, processing and publication of gender data for efficient and effective decision making on gender issues.

Cook Islands Government Portal (Cook Islands Government)

October 2014

Lead developer for the rebuilding of the current Cook Islands Government website. The aim of the website was to reduce the workload on OPM IT staff in terms of updating content. The portal pulls in information from all government sources automatically and has a custom Google search engine to search across all government websites.

Business Trade Investment Board: Foreign Investment Management System Proof of Concept (Cook Islands Government)

August 2014

Built and migrated BTIB’s Foreign Investment Management Information System from an outdated and cumbersome access database to our Viviki Platform. A proof of concept system was designed and developed over two days. The system was able to be used to register, store and track the activities of direct foreign investors in the Cook Islands.

Social Services Database (Cook Islands Government)

October 2013

Built an online database of social services organizations operating within the Cook Islands and linked to their social networking profiles via Facebook. The project is being funded through the Social Impact Fund and is developed using our Viviki platform and the Joomla CMS.


March 2009 – Present

Part time research project to create a new way of thinking and developing web database driven software. The aim is to build a web based software development tool that allows the rapid creation of database driven applications for use in Small Island Developing States where software developers are difficult to come by. Developed using Joomla and a customized hack of Machform.

Cook Islands Maori Database

October 2010 – Present

An online database of Cook Islands Maori words. Created a Joomla based website with live search that allows users to search in English or Maori. Created a Google like search plugin. Created scripts to assist extracting, transforming and loading dictionary data into MySQL database.

(Open)8 team members, including:

  • Ano Tisam
    Chief Information Officer at Whupi LTD

  • Mana Etches
    Investment and Information Officer at Business Trade Investment Board

  • Nathan Tisam
    Observer at Cook island Meteorology service

  • Nga Teinangaro
    Learning Support HoD at Tereora College

Ministry of Health

January 2012 – February 2012

Redesign of website and bug fixing in Joomla template.

  • Ano Tisam - Chief Information Officer at Whupi LTD

  • Tofinga Aisake - Head of IT

Ministry of Finance and Economic Management

October 2010 – Present

Development of new Website

  • Ano Tisam - Chief Information Officer at Whupi LTD

  • Teu Teulilo - Treasurer

SMS Quiz (Proof of Concept)

August 2011 – September 2011

An SMS quiz system for students.

SMS Rental System (Proof of Concept)

June 2011 – July 2011

An SMS system for the rental market. Brings together buyers and sellers

PhpMaker Joomla Extension

March 2010 – April 2010

Module and component to assist in integrating Joomla with phpMaker.

Kimi + Joomla search plugin extension

February 2011 – March 2011

A hack of google desktop search to convert it into a cheap network search server to allow searching of documents on a centralized server on the intranet or internet.
Key Knowledge: Google Desktop API, Joomla, PHP

Joans Cards(Link)

April 2011 – July 2011

Website to display Polynesian playing cards.

2 team members

  • Ano Tisam - Chief Information Officer at Whupi LTD

  • Joan Gragg - Director at Black rock Properties LTD

Mareko Island Creations Website

May 2011 – July 2011

Website with basic shopping card functionality. Website no longer active.

  • Ano Tisam - Chief Information Officer at Whupi LTD

  • Cherrelle Chan - General Manager at Mareko Ltd

Cook Islands Football Association

March 2009 – April 2009

Implemented a simple backup system using Linux, Samba, Webmin, Syncredible

  • Ano Tisam - Chief Information Officer at Whupi LTD

  • Lee Harmon - CIFA President

  • Mii Piri - CIFA Office Administrator

  • Tuka Tisam - Development Officer at Cook Islands Football Association

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration website

July 2008 – November 2008

As part of the UNDP e-government project I was involved in the development of the following government websites

Office of the Ombudsman website

July 2008 – Present

As part of the UNDP e-government project I was involved in the development of the following government websites

Cook Islands Ministry of Agriculture website

July 2008 – Present

As part of the UNDP e-government project I was involved in the development of the following government websites. Note: our design is no longer in use

Cook Islands Exemplar project

March 2010 – Present

Managing and developing website for Exemplar project. Involves the integration MS Word 2007 with Joomla content management system.

Progressive Assessment Test (PAT)

February 2009 – December 2011

Managed, developed and deployed the Progressive Assessment Test (PAT) Web Application that is currently in use at Tereora College to store, retrieve and calculate students Numeracy and Literacy results. Reduced and simplified the process of grading and reporting on student results for teachers through automation of the required calculations.

  • Nga Teinangaro - Head of Department for Learning Support

  • Ano Tisam - Information Officer

Cook Islands Ministry of Education Website Re-development

July 2011 – Present

Managed, developed and deployed the Ministry of Education website and currently the website administrator for the website.

Life skills Database

Designed database schema for a web based application to store information about people skills in the outer islands for training purposes.

CIIAG Website + Members Database

February 2012 – Present

Developed website to pulll information in from relevant sources. Created customized member database with search and links to LinkedIn site. A database of ICT Projects is to be conducted.

Cook Islands Internet Action Group

April 2012 – Present

A website that for the Cook Islands Internet Action Group that aims to further the development of Information and Communication Technologies for the sustainable and inclusive development of the Cook Islands. A custom database is being developed for all IT professionals in the Cook Islands with more web applications to come later in 2012.

Ministry of Marine Resources

June 2012 – July 2012

Implemented file upload capabilities for Water Quality division with restricted access to certain documents.

Office of the Public Service Commissioner

June 2012 – July 2012

Upgrade and redesign of PSC website to latest version of Joomla and other upgrades. Restructuring of content management system and minor tweaks.