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Pacific GovTech Experts

We are a technology company focused on helping governments in the Pacific digitise their operations. We do this via our GovCrate platform and with our GovTech Strategic Management services.

Consultancy Service

GovTech Strategic Management

Our consultancy team helps you analyse your Legal, Policy, Operational and Technological landscape. We then design and develop Strategic, Tactical and Operational plans to help you properly position your organisations GovTech architecture so that it meets your needs.


Design & Development

Our implementation team takes the plans created by the consultancy team then it designs and develops solutions based on these plans.

Check out our awesome team below


ANO TISAM:  Founder, IT Strategist  & Developer

An expert in the design and development of large and complex government systems Ano has extensive experience working with donors, regional agencies and national governments. He has built several groundbreaking technologies for the Pacific including Viviki and GovCrate. Ano is the co-founder of WHUPI LTD and GovCrate. He holds a Masters in Information Systems and a Diploma in Education.

JONAH TISAM: Founder & PHD in Public Policy and Governance

An expert in public policy and governance with decades of experience working in leadership positions in Government Jonah is the co-founder of GovCrate. He has extensive experience working in various government administrations and has a PHD in Public Policy and Governance

MAUREEN HILYARD: Project Management & Education Specialist

An experienced project manager who brings a wealth of experience Maureen headed up the Cook Islands e-Government Programme in the early 2000's and is now on various international and regional governing bodies for the development of the internet. Maureen has an Masters of Business Administration with a background in Project Management, Education, Internet Governance, Business Administration and Management.                         

MANA ETCHES: Developer & GIS Specialist

A self taught GIS expert who has single handedly built GIS systems from the ground up by himself for various countries in the Pacific. Mana has a Masters in Information Systems and brings with him extensive experience in GIS, Computer Science, Mathematics and Education.

MATHILDA TAIREA: Legal & Public Management Expert

An expert in law and public management Mathilda brings with her a depth of knowledge working with governments in the Pacific at International, Reginal and National levels. During her career she has worked in both the public and private sectors. Mathilda has a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management as well as a Degree in Law.

MII MANUELA: Policy Analyst & Education Specialist

Mii Manuela has a background in Information Systems, Education and Policy. Mii has been worked at USP as a tutor and at the Office of the Prime Ministers Office as a policy analyst. She holds a Masters in Information Systems.